“I’ve Lost a Lot of Sleep to Dreams…” The Roots

The Reality.

This site is the makings of years of personal exploration. The challenges. Stupid decisions. Consequences of those stupid decisions. Lessons learned. And my attempts to make sense of it all. Hopefully grow a bit and challenge myself to one of the hardest things for me to do…be vulnerable. This a journey into this space.

Vulnerability does not come easy for me. In fact, it is the complete opposite of what I’ve been taught to do my entire life. As a man in America–a Black man at that–my family, aiming to prepare me for the real world, tried to do what they could to help me thrive. Part of that process, layered in love, was to help me understand that my life would not be easy and that I would have to be twice as good to yield half the results.

So this is my place of origin. The good news is that I don’t have to stay in that place. So, this is my attempt to move towards the open.